Worship Cast

How to Get from Here to There

October 10, 2021 Gathering Community Church Surfside Beach, SC
Worship Cast
How to Get from Here to There
Show Notes

A message from Pastor Benjy Simmons of Gathering Community Church in Surfside Beach, SC.

How to get from Here to There
Joshua 1:1-7, 3:15-16

Clues Towards Blessings

1. Receive the Challenge (v. 2)
a. Challenge to the Untamed
b. Challenge to the Unknown

2. Recognize God's Commitment (v. 5)
a. Powerful Presence
b. Personal Presence
c. Permanent Presence

3. Respect God's Commands (v.7)
a. Complete
b. Consistent

Are You Wanting More Than Where You Are?
Are You Committed To God?
Remember, God Is Committed To You!

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